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Explore Taipei with AMWC Asia

Everything you need to know about the venue and surrounding attractions


Symbol of a free and vibrant democracy, Taipei is a fascinating metropolis with several million inhabitants that invites you into a world of amazing contrasts: a mix of the modern and traditional, with a generous dash of energy and friendly smiles.

With a strong tendency to adopt the "LOHAS" (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability), Taipei is a wonderful city with more than 10,000 aesthetics practitioners, a wealth of business opportunities and a highly-educated population (half of the population speaks English).

Apart from advanced medical technology well-known around the world, the city of Taipei also includes a number of important associations and committees of medical aesthetics professionals working together.

Exploring the Heart of Asia

Taipei is an eclectic blend of rich Taiwanese heritage and cosmopolitan modernity. The city's historic temples, for example, the Longshan Temple, stand amidst its towering skyscrapers such as the iconic Taipei 101. 

A Gastronomic Wonderland

Taipei is paradise for food enthusiasts. Explore night markets to sample a wide range of enticing street food; from savory to sweet, and everything in-between. Famous culinary offerings include beef noodle soup and pineapple cakes.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Beyond its cosmopolitan city-center, Taipei is surrounded by natural beauty. A short trip will take you to lush mountains, tranquil hot springs, and picturesque hiking trails. Yangmingshan National Park offers stunning vistas and a refreshing escape from the Taipei's hustle and bustle.

A Shopping Extravaganza

From lively night markets in Shilin and luxury brands in the Xinyi district, to trendy boutiques in Ximending and traditional charm on Dihua Street, Taipei offers varied retail experiences for all tastes. Immerse yourself in retail reverie where shopping becomes a cultural adventure. 

Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

Located in the heart of Taipei and adjacent to the iconic Taipei 101 (which was at one point the tallest building in the world), TICC is a very central location, with lots of malls and attractions nearby. Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) is located right next to a metro station.

1 Hsin-Yi Road, Section 5
Taipei 11049, Taiwan ROC

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +886(2)2725-5200

How to get to Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) 

Less than 5 minutes away

  • Dudufangshimao Station
    (1 min)
  • Park 24, Xinyi District
    (4 min)
  • Xinyi School Car Park
    (4 min)
  • No. 2, Songshou Road Garage
    (5 min)

Less than 10 minutes away

  • Ying Quan Parking
    (7 min)
  • Dudufangtingchewang-xinyianhe Station
    (10 min)
  • 应安停车场 松智场
    (10 min)

Less than 15 minutes away

  • 嘟嘟房群益金融大楼停车场
    (15 min)
  • Songren Rd 169-201 Parking
    (15 min)

Less than 20 minutes away

  • Taiwan Unicom Parking, Da’an District
    (16 min)
  • 嘟嘟房敦南3站
    (16 min)
  • 台湾联通停车场-安和场
    (17 min)
  • YingUa Ground Parking, Xinyi District
    (20 min)
  • Song De Parking
    (20 min)